PINK CLOUD AFFAIR As a little girl, I always had an urge of expressing my unique style by making dresses for my Barbie dolls and myself. My interest in sewing, knitting and embroidery was inspired by Auntie Francis, my mother's younger sister, who is incredibly talented in the crafts. I have also inherited my mother's prevailing attitude on details and her 'no compromise' way of taking care of the household, her daughter and two sons. My career has offered me multiple opportunities to travel to London where I have developed an addiction to everything vintage. And I  have never turned back since. I am constantly inspired by my travel, visits to local markets, encounters with interesting and talented people, as well as appreciation of art and design. Now I am determined to explore a new horizon of self expressions and share my passions through the interaction with a diverse audience via this platform.  I am still a young kid on the block and hope my curation of handcrafted creations, vintage finds and pre-loved fashion items in Pink Cloud Affair will please you as much as they have fascinated me.                       T




Celebrating free spirit and femininity is the motto of

Pink Cloud Affair.


It is a all about a shopaholic's love affair with fashion, vintage, hand crafts, art and creativity, evolved into a transfer of ideas, inspirations, dreams and visions.


Welcome to a universe dedicated to women who are ultra feminine and in an infinite search of unique beauty as well as self expressions and realisations.